Digital Marketing Agencies Hiring: 17 Agencies that Pay to Write

Digital Marketing agencies

“Can I write for digital marketing agencies?”

I get this question a lot.

As a freelance writer, I know that you are always looking for better opportunities to earn more and grow your writing career.

And the good news is that content marketing agencies hire freelance writers to help with content creation for their clients. 

If you are looking for digital content marketing agencies that hire freelance content writers, this is your post. 

Writing for content marketing agencies is an excellent opportunity to have ongoing gigs and, often, great pay.

Also, digital marketing agencies do the leg work for you, so you don’t have to struggle to look for clients.

But how do you get to work with digital marketing agencies? 

There are different ways to get writing jobs from content marketing agencies.

  • Check the careers page and apply for the writing or editorial job.

Some of the content marketing agencies post job opportunities available on their careers page.

So, the best way to shoot your shot here is to apply for the job with relevant samples.


  • Send your Letter of Introduction.

If the prospective agency doesn’t have any open writing opportunities, you can send your LOI.

A letter of introduction is the best way to be on your client’s radar.

It is a marketing tool that you use to market your services. Here is a superb resource to help you write an LOI that converts

Below are content marketing agencies that hiring writers. 

Make money writing for content marketing agencies.


Skyword is one of the most reputable content marketing agencies that hire freelance writers.

This agency is always looking for freelance writers, web designers, and anyone in between. 

All you need to do is signup and create your profile that showcases your expertise and portfolio. 

Once you are all set up, Skyword will connect you with brands to work with them as a freelancer. 

#2→Clear Voice

Clear Voice is also another content marketing agency that hires freelance writers.

And it works like the Skyword. First, you have to create your profile which is 100% free.

You can optimize your profile so that it ranks better in the search results. 

Whether you are a freelance writer, designer, editor, or SEO specialist, Clear Voice will link you with brands looking for your services

To start, you need to join their talent network and fill up your profile. Keep updating your portfolio with new samples and projects.  

#3→Smart Bug Media

Smart Bug Media is a marketing agency that focuses on inbound marketing, website design, SEO, video marketing, and much more. 

They hire creatives, SEO specialists, and work with freelancers, too. 

Keep an eye on their careers page as they often update it with opportunities as they come. 


Codeless is also another content marketing agency that hires content writers.

This company provides content strategy, writing, and marketing for its clients. 

Codeless is always on the lookout for freelance SaaS writers, financial and investment writers, technical writers, project management writers, among others. 

Remember, Codeless serves some of the biggest SaaS brands and affiliate companies, so it is a dream come true if you get to work with Codeless. 

Bookmark their careers page as they update it with new opportunities frequently. 

One good thing about Codeless is that the team responds to all job applications. 

#5→Creative Circle

Creative Circle is another agency you should consider if you are looking to write for a digital marketing agency. 

This company is a staffing agency for creatives, which means that they will connect you with recruiters. 

Again, they have a careers page where they update with job openings ranging from the digital content manager, engagement manager, and more.

#6→Grow and Convert

Grow and Convert is another digital content marketing agency that offers complete, done-for-you content to its clients.

They do both organic and paid content marketing according to their website.

So if you are a paid ad specialist, copywriter, or SEO content writer and marketer, you can check out their careers page for excellent opportunities. 

#7→Growth Machine

Are you looking for clients that value your time, skills and will pay you well?

Enters The Writer Finder.

The Writer Finder is a team under the Growth Machine that strives to find and vet writers for their clients. 

Once you sign up with this content marketing agency, you will receive job alerts through emails. 

The Writer Finder is always hunting for freelance writers in all niches, so go ahead and give this agency a try regardless of your writing niche.

#8→Signa Marketing-

Signa Marketing thrives at what it does best—which is digital marketing.

And it also creates excellent opportunities for creatives, web developers, SEO specialists, e.t.c.

Check out their careers page and see if they are a fit for you. 

#9→Lead to Conversion

Are you looking for a full-time job as a content writer or freelance work

Lead to Conversion is another digital marketing agency that is always looking for excellent talent to add to its team. 

Again, you don’t have to pitch because they have a careers page to update current job opportunities.

And you can always leave your cv and cover letter with them so they can reach you if they have an opening. You can also fill a form if you need to freelance. 


Do you thrive in email marketing?

Are you the social media guru? Perhaps creating video content is your cup of tea?

Brafton has a ton of job opportunities for the right candidate. 

As a content writer, you can check for editorial opportunities.

Brafton has over ten editorial jobs, including writing and editing and content management. 

#11→Writing Assistance Inc

Are you a technical writing pro?

Perhaps you thrive in creating editing and copywriting? Writing Assistance Inc is another content marketing agency that hires freelance writers. 

Pull your resume and head over to their jobs page. Whether you are an IT copywriter or a medical writer, Writing Assistant Inc has jobs for you. 


From web design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing to content marketing, Mainstreethost is a digital marketing agency that hires content creators and creatives.  

According to their site, they will offer you more than work.

What’s more?

If you don’t find an opportunity, you can leave your resume with their HR department for consideration in the future. 

#13→Just Words

Are you good at strategizing, creating content, or designing visuals? 

Just Words is also a digital marketing agency that may be the right fit for you. 

This content marketing agency offers both freelance and full-time positions.

Content Marketing Agency hiring writers

And according to their site, they will get back to you within 48 hours after submitting your application.

#14→Pro Edit

Pro Edit is a content marketing agency that specializes in copywriting, editing, and technical writing.

Content markeing agency hiring writers

This company also hires content writers, so if you are a white paper writer, technical writer, Pro Edit will connect you with the right clients

#15→The Writers for Hire Inc

The Writers for Hire specializes in technical writing, ghostwriting, web copy, and much more.

They are also looking for writers, and all you have to do is submit your resume and best samples. 

And if you are a perfect match for their projects, they will reach out to you.

#16→Influence and Co.

Influence and Co is a content marketing agency looking for top-notch talent to add to its team.

They are looking for an editor, account strategist, and content strategist at the time of writing this post. 

Content Marketing Agency hiring writers

You can reach out to them and see if they have opportunities for freelance writers, and you can also bookmark their careers page.


Are you a web developer, paid marketing strategist, writer, or web designer? Brandastic is always looking for talented creatives to bring to its team. 

Write for content marketing agencies.

Are you ready to get awesome freelance or full-time writing jobs? Hopefully, the above agencies will take you in as their writer.

Do you know or work for a content marketing agency? Tell us in the comments.


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