You are a Freelance Writer...

You're a freelance writer and want to earn your first income online. You want to finally quit your 8-5 job and work from the comfort of your home or do both.

Starting an online job is easy and difficult. Finding an ideal paying client is a hassle. I'm here to walk you through the journey and show you the ropes.

I'm Charity, a freelance writer, blogger, and coach.

I started writing in 2018 but made no money. I got scammed! I didn't know how to write web content.

In 2019, I decided to take my writing as a service-based business that deserves payment. And the best way to start was to create a blog.

I decided to use my blog to help other newbie writers learn how to be successful in the freelance writing industry.

This blog is dedicated to giving you actionable tips and hacks to become the most sought-after writer.



You are a business owner...

You run an online business that constantly needs quality, engaging, and converting content.

You want to grow your audience and provide actionable tips that turn your readers into customers.

I'm Charity. A digital marketing enthusiast.

I write compelling content that engages and converts.

I pay attention to details and create content that ranks organically.

I've ghostwritten for many authoritative blogs/sites on the web. I've also been featured on awesome websites like The Penny Hoarder, Autonomous, Freelancer FAQs, Inkwell Editorial, and Self Publishing.

I add a personal touch and always ensure that my services generate the needed results.

And I can guarantee you that no one writes like me!



Hi, I'm Charity, Your Freelance Writer!

Welcome to my blog. This is where I pour my creative juices every time, all the time.

Thank you for stopping by here! It means you are interested in knowing more about me. That's awesome.

So this is Me!

Education and Career.

I'm Charity Jerop. A beautiful and brilliant Kenyan Girl!  I'm the owner and blogger at I graduated from the University of Eldoret with a bachelor's Degree in Business Management (Purchasing and Supplies Option)

Before my laptop and Wifi life, I worked as a procurement officer.

I chose to be a freelance content writer because of the flexibility it gives me.

As a freelance writer and blogger, I'm able to watch over my babies and be there for my family. How cool is that?

When I started my freelance writing career, I had no clue what to do or how to do it.

I tried writing in 2018 but earned nothing! Zero! Nada! It was frustrating, and I was convinced writing online was not my thing.

I gave up...

And came back this year because an inner voice kept telling me, "You can do it."

I did It, and I'm still writing for money.

I realized there are so many budding freelance writers who don't know where to start.

I started my blog to help newbie writers.

I want you to change your tactics and strategies because if you are not getting any money from your writing, chances are you are doing it all wrong.

I changed my strategies and saw tremendous results.

I love writing. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved crafting essays and reading novels. I would write creative articles and present them to my teacher for marking.

Today I use my writing skills to help other businesses and business owners thrive in the digital world.


Personal Life and Hobbies.

I'm happily married to an amazing husband, and we have three bubbly children, two girls, and a boy!

When I'm not crafting a compelling piece on my laptop, I'm running around in the house with the kids.

Also, I love learning new DIYs. I recently learned how to crotchet shaggy rugs, and I'm already done with my first attempt, and I love the final product. 

Another thing, I recently enrolled in a new language program with Duolingo, and boy, hasn't it been fun?

I'm learning Spanish, Deutsch, and Mandarin! So, ¿Hola?

Let's Connect and Be Friends!

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