35+ Websites That Pay $100+ Per Article To Write

35+ Websites That Pay

As a freelance writer, you are always on the lookout for websites that pay. How will you feel if you land a freelance writing gig that pays you $100+/article as a beginner?

And on top of that, you get an author byline and a link back to your website! 

I've been writing for two years, and during my early days as a freelance writer, I spend much time searching for websites that pay to write articles. 

If you are starting your freelance writing business, know your writing niche, and ready to soar, it is best to start by increasing your online visibility.

Stop focusing on the content mills and check out this list of websites that pay up to $1000 and more per blog post.


Some of these websites are beginner-friendly, so you don't need to have the experience to write for them.


But, how do you increase your chances of landing a guest post in one of these authoritative blogs? Some may not require experience but expect you to be a competent writer.

Often, you will have to send in your pitch and wait for approval to start writing for your potential blog.

Create a compelling blog post idea(s) that guarantees you the opportunity.

Freelance writing is an excellent career for those who love Writing, and here is a list of websites that will pay you to write.

Websites That Pay To Write Online

Websites that pay 100+ to write.


Are you a mother or soon-to-be mom and love writing? Motherly will pay you to share your motherhood journey.

They share first-person stories focusing on issues you've faced as a mother and how you overcame the challenges.


The word range of the post should be between 700 and 900 words. They are also looking for experts, i.e. nutritionists, doula, midwives, nurses, pediatrician, teachers, therapists, career coaches e.t.c


They pay $50 per article after publishing two posts on their website.

#2→The Writer Finder

Do you want to focus on writing and let someone else bring in clients for you? The Writer Finder is it. They send you writing job opportunities through email. All you have to do is fill out a form if have the skills. 


The Writer Finder is looking for freelance writers in any niche to help with their client projects. Here is a sample of job opportunities from the Writer Finder.

websites that pay to write


According to their website, they pay well. 


Are you a book lover? Do you love marketing? You can contribute and earn $150 per article. And it is one of my favorite blogs-I've published articles for this blog!

Here is one on book marketing. 

Self-Publishing is a blog by Self-Publishing School that helps writers publish their books. They also help authors find the right publishing companies. 


Self-Publishing is looking for contributors to write for their blog. You should be able to deliver insightful and engaging content for their self-publishing community.


Self-Publishing pays $150 per post that meets their guidelines, so be sure to follow the instructions to the latter.


Note: They are currently not accepting new contributors but keep an eye on this blog.


 #4→Self- publishing School

Self-Publishing School os the parent blog to Self Publishing dot com and they also, are on the look for writers.

If you are a self-publishing nerd, author, or marketer, you can write for this blog and get exposure to over 150, 000 unique visitors to this website.


Additionally, they will give a link back to your website, social media profiles, and an author bio.



Self-Publishing School pays $150/submission they accept. 

#5→Inkwell Editorial

Inkwell Editorial is also another website that will pay you to write. Hosted by Yuwanda, Inkwell Editorial is a resourceful blog that helps beginners learn how to start freelance writing and how to earn income writing.

This blog is looking for freelance success stories submission, and posts on affiliate marketing, blogging, and self-publishing.

Here is a resourceful post I wrote for the Inkwell Editorial on how to land freelance writing clients.



Upon acceptance, you will receive $50 on your PayPal. 

#6→Make a Living Writing

Chances are you've come across Make a Living Writing blog on one of your google searches about freelance Writing and websites that pay writers.

This blog is one of the most resourceful blogs with tons of content for freelance writers.


Make a Living Writing pays writers to write about freelance writing, blogging, copywriting, marketing, ghostwriting, self-publishing e.t.c


Remember, they often accept pitches from current and former members of freelance writers den.


Occasionally, they open for submissions from writers who are not members of Freelance Writers Den.



Word range

750-1000 words.


#7→Freedom With Writing

Freedom With Writing is a blog that helps writers get paid to write and is accepting writers to write for their blog.

You can write how-to articles, listicles, and ebooks and earn money for your work.

Freedom With Writing offers job opportunities through their curated list of websites, magazines, and blogs that pay writers to write.

Additionally, they give out free super-resourceful ebooks to their readers.



They will pay you $30-$100 for list articles, $30-$150 for how-to posts, and $500 for an ebook of 10,000 words.

#8→Creative Revolt

Creative Revolt is looking for writers to write about freelance writing and blogging. They have a list of topics they need to publish on Q3 and Q4. If you are up for this, you can send your pitch to Creative Revolt editors. 



Creative Revolt pays $100/blog post and more for more in-depth guides.

#9→Copy Hackers

Do you want to build your authority? Guest posting on Copy Hackers is the way to start. This website helps beginners learn the ins and outs of copywriting. 

Copy Hackers is looking for posts not less than 2,000, and you should be a badass on that topic.


They pay $300 to $1000 per blog post they accept.

#10→List Verse

Do you have a soft spot for intriguing, bizarre, creepy, science, entertainment, society, and general knowledge? You can write for List Verse.  



They Pay $100 per listicle of 10 items.

#11→Long Reads

Do you want to share personal essays, memoirs, features, long-form journalism, or investigative projects? Pitch your idea to the Long Reads.



The pay starts at $1,500, going up for features.

#12→Serious Eats

Being a Medium Publication, Serious Eats is calling all creative "foodies" and cooks to write about anything and everything food and cooking. They accept posts between 800 and 2,000 words.



Serious Eats pays $100 per submission.

#13→Income Diary

Having more than ten years of experience and over a million readers every year, Income Diary is by far the most popular site when it comes to making money online, generating traffic, and developing websites.


Income Diary is looking for experts in SEO to guest post on their blog.



$200-$500 per blog post.

#14→Guide Posts

Have you or do you know someone who hit their goals through faith and have valuable lessons to share? Guide Posts is a non-profit that publishes first-person stories with spiritual angles.



The payment amount is not disclosed, but they pay for full articles of about 1,500 words upon publication.

#15→iWork Well

Are you an HR expert, consultant, or labor attorney? Write for iWork Well and earn money writing. I Work Well is looking for experts in the human resource sector to write articles or review published articles on their site.



iWork Well pays $195 per article and up to 20% bonus for topics that require extensive research. Additionally, they have a 10% bonus for articles you submit before the deadline.

#16→Unemployment Ville

Are you fill the sting of unemployment during this COVID-19 mess? Write your story and pitch it to Unemployment Ville. This website helps readers navigate the murky waters of unemployment.



Expect to earn between $25-$75 for articles not less than 350 words.

#17→Elite Personal Finance

Elite Personal Finance spends $100,000+ on quality blog content, and they are accepting contributors to write for their blog. 



$300 per blog post.

#18→Great Escape Publishing

Do you know a shit ton about getting paid to travel around the world? Great Escape Publishing needs you to write about businesses that earn you income while you travel.



$150 per article.

#19→Craft Your Content

Craft Your Content is a website that helps its audience become excellent writers. They are accepting guest posts and will pay you.



$75-150 per blog article.

#20→Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a popular personal finance website and is looking for writers. They focus on small business, credits, retirement plans, investment, real estate, banking, loans e.t.c



Money Crashers offers competitive pay plus incentives on the traffic you bring to their site. They pay through PayPal.  

#21→She Budgets

She Budgets is also another personal finance blog looking for contributors.



According to their site, they did not disclose the payment, but you can email your pitch and inquire if they pay for guest posts.

#22→Fresh Books

Fresh Books is accounting software for small businesses. They are seeking contributors, and according to a source, they pay well.



$200+ per blog post.

#23→Income Voice

The Income voice is looking for writers to contribute posts on ways of making money online.



They did not disclose the amount.

#24→Smart Business Trends

Smart Business Trends focuses on online marketing, wordpress, Fulfilment by Amazon e.t.c. You can write for this website if you can produce in-depth and valuable articles, tutorials, and reviews.



$200-$500 per guest post.

#25→The Barefoot Writer

The Barefoot Writer is a magazine that helps readers learn all about the world of Writing. They publish articles ranging from productivity for writers to cool writing tools.



$100-$300 per article.


Do you have a tutorial for office workers? The Quill is looking for you and will pay you to write.  They are looking for tutorials that offer solutions to office challenges and will pay through PayPal.



$50-$150 depending on the length of your article.

#27→WordPress Hub

WordPress Hub is a go-to website for all things WordPress and is also another site that pays you to write,



$100-$200 per post.

#28→Michelle Pippin

Write about how women can start, market and grow a business for Michelle Pippin's blog. This blog is a business website that offers turnkey solutions to women entrepreneurs. 




#29→Bee Culture

Write for the American beekeeping magazine on anything and everything bees, including the other side of politics and bees, pesticides and diseases.




#30→Money Pantry

Money Pantry is another website that pays. Write about practical ways of earning and saving money.



Money Pantry pays up to $150 per post.

#31→101 Holidays

Submit travelogues to 101 Holidays and get paid writing. They accept first-person articles of between 800 and 1500 words.

Note: They are not accepting contributors at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you should check back from time to time.



101 Holidays pay £50-£100 per article.

#32→Adventure Motorcycle

Are a biker and love all things motorcycle? Adventure Motorcycle pays to write about inspiring rides and reports.



$150+ per article.

#33→UX Booth

Write about the web's best practices and trending UX topics for the UX Booth.



The payment is not disclosed on their site.


Write about content marketing for the DIVVY HQ and get your work in the radar of big companies like the H&R Block, Red Bull, Marcedes Benz e.t.c

#35→Home Business Mag

Home Business Mag is another website that pays to write about at-home-business and working from home. You should note that they pay for work they explicitly assign to you and do not compensate for guest posts.


#36→Best Pick List

Write buying guides for the Best Pick List and get paid. You can write about food, lifestyle, appliances, cooking tips, utensils e.t.c



You can apply as a paid writer or pitch a guest post to the editor.


More sites that accept guest posts from writers.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to get on your potential clients' radar as a beginner freelance writer.

And for this reason, below are more websites that accept writers. The exposure you get from guest posting on these sites can bring in clients to you.


Think of it as a marketing strategy for your writing services or blog.


#37→Get Response

Are you a marketing nerd? Write about social media, content marketing, automation, email marketing, SEO, and other marketing tips for the Get Response!

#38→Content Marketing Institute

Blog about the best practices in content marketing for the B2B and B2C audience for the Content Marketing Practises.

#39→Hub Spot

Hub Spot is an award-winning blog catering for marketers, business owners, and growth hackers. Contribute your articles and get exposure to millions of Hub Spot's monthly visitors. 


Earn money online writing.

There you have over 35 websites that pay to write!

Start creating a stellar portfolio as you write and earn money online despite the Covid-19 chaos.

Are you ready to write? Dou you have other websites that pay and you want to add to this list? Let me know in the comments.


Charity is a freelance personal finance writer and blogger for hire. She specializes in personal finance, digital content writing and marketing, blog post writing, and intriguing history articles. She's written for major brands and blogs like The Penny Hoarder, Autonomous, Self-Publishing School, Penny Calling Penny, Inkwell Editorial, Freelancer FAQs, and more.


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