How to Write 10 Times Faster as a Freelance Writer.

how to write faster

Are you wondering how to write faster? Writing can be fun, but let's face it.

It can take you lots of time to create an appealing piece.

I thought it could be easy when I started writing, but no!

It was tough, and I would take hours and hours to come up with a thousand-word piece of writing.

You want to write faster and make more money as a freelance writer.

And to be able to do that, you need proven strategies to help you improve your writing speed.


Why should you work on improving your writing speed?

I know you are asking yourself, "why do I need to increase my writing speed?"

It would help if you wrote faster because;

  • You will get done with your work quicker and save more time for yourself.


  • You will make your client happy by delivering quality work on time, and your client being content, may come back for more, which means more gigs and ultimately more money.


  • You will be able to tackle more workload in the shortest time possible hence more money in the end.


  • You will create more time to market yourself, read on self-improvements, attend forums of interest to you, work on your other businesses if you have them, and so much more.


  • Finally, if you are a mother like me, you will be able to find more time for your kids and family without worrying about client work.

So how do you increase your writing speed as a freelance writer without hurting the quality of your work?

First, as a newbie freelance writer, you might find it hard to write faster, and that is okay.

With time and more writing, you will realize that your writing speed keeps improving.

I was like you during my first month,

and I would research hours on end,

write forever, and do less work every day,

which affected my productivity pretty bad.

How to write faster

Let's dive in on how to write faster.

1. Plan Your writing work.

Planning is the best thing to do as a freelance writer; otherwise, you might end up doing nothing.

If you plan your work and stick to it, you will focus on the most important things first and others later.

Prioritize your client's work and work on your other business's work later.

Your client is paying you, which is crucial for everyone writing for a living.

You wouldn't want to risk losing your client because of late delivery.

If you have a blog like me, you might want to get some of your blog's work done.

Set a specific time for your blog. Your blog is as important as your client, so you should put in efforts for it to grow and ultimately become your cash cow.

I always schedule my blog's work on weekends, which works for me because I need to focus on my client's work during the weekdays.

Usually, I write my blog posts on the weekend and schedule them for publishing later.

This way, I'm able to stay focused and manage my productivity.

Writing tools to help you plan and manage your writing schedule.

You are wondering how and what to use when planning your writing?

Don't sweat it out; I have a solution for you.

And it is not your phone calendar and what a few.

These are tools that will transform your planning efforts most quickly.

Since I started using these tools, my writing and productivity have improved immensely.

I can write more in less time and make more money with these excellent tools.


This software is an excellent tool to help you stay focused and productive.

It helps you plan your work and even manage your outsourced work —If you outsource some of your work or have tasks together with buddies and want to keep track of each one of them.

How to write faster as a freelance writer?

You can set Trello to track your tasks from start to end.

You can also use it to track invoices and save you the endless reminder Emails you might have to send to your client.


Being a freelance writer means you are roaming the internet majority of the time.

Whether you are looking for more writing gigs, doing research, or marketing yourself, you can get distracted pretty easily by social media sites.

If you are the writer who gets distracted quickly, then it is time to rescue that wasted time, and RescueTime is here for you.

How to write faster and boost your productivity

Before I would get online to research and the next minute, I'm on Instagram drooling over the latest fashion trends or on Facebook following the hit gossip on celebrities.

And that meant more wasted time and less money.

RescueTime helps you do your first things first, and you will not get away with the "get social" temptation.

#3→Google Calendar.

Wondering why google calendar?

Google calendar has a task section where you can schedule your work.

It helps you prioritize that which is essential and reminds you of it.

Write 10 times faster and boost your productivity

I'm telling you to use Google Calendar —and not your usual calendar— because as a writer, you are always on google Chrome, meaning you can easily access the excellent tools Google offers through Chrome.

2. Research well in advance before you start writing.

Researching is an essential part of every writer.

If this is not part of you as a writer, then chances are the quality of your pieces is not at par.

To create excellent articles and blog posts, you must do some basic research, if not an in-depth analysis.

Researching will give you a heads-up on what to write about and base your content on.

It will also give your readers a shred of substantial evidence that whatever is in your content is indeed actionable and can help solve their problems.

If you research and write simultaneously, you will waste a lot of time multitasking, which is not healthy for you and your work.

Researching well in advance can help you write faster.

You will know way ahead of what to put in what section of your writing.

3. Bookmark relevant sources of references.

It is vital to bookmark essential sources you think you might need when researching.

I love Chrome when it comes to bookmarking, and doing it is hassle-free, easy, and quick to do.

You will come back to your bookmarks later when writing to pick the crucial tips you want to use in your writing.

4. Use writing tools to improve your writing.

As the freelance writing business goes a notch higher, you need to improve your writing.

It is vital because if writing is your lifeblood, your ultimate goal is to impress your clients and make them happy. 

The good news is that software developers are spending sleepless nights to make your life as a freelance writer super easy.

There are a million writing tools out there, but here is a list of them.

I find them super awesome and can tremendously improve your writing speed and productivity.


This app is my number one writing tool.

Grammarly tool is online writing software that checks for spelling and plagiarism.

How to write faster with Grammarly

This excellent writing tool has been in the writing business for a decade now.

Once you install Grammarly, it will check for grammar spelling mistakes, and the most important of all, check for plagiarism in your writing.

The best part about this writing tool is that you can add its extension on Chrome, which ultimately helps you improve your writing on speed and accuracy.


I love Evernote.

It makes my writing impressive and enjoyable.

Evernote is an online writing tool that helps you take clips of articles, images, and web pages for your later use.

How to write faste with Evernote

This tool comes as an extension on Chrome and is active on every web page you visit.

When writing, you might want to add graphics to your content for your readers to see what you are talking about in the article.

You will need Evernote to take clips, and screenshots of articles and or website pages you think are relevant to your writing to make that realistic.

When researching, take note of important stuff you might need like images, graphics, and articles.

Use Evernote to take screenshots and later use them while writing.

This process is way better than writing, researching, screenshotting, and adding them to your content. That's damn tiring.

#3→Google Docs.

Long gone are the days when writers used Microsoft Word to write.

That does not mean that Microsoft Word is no longer valuable.

On the contrary, it is the best, but writing on Google Documents is seamless and secure.

You should consider Google Docs for your writing business because most clients prefer you send them the work in a google doc.

How to write faster with Google Docs

Using Google Docs is easy and fast. Using it as a freelance writer means;

  • You will be able to use the Grammarly tool without a hassle.


  • You can access your work anywhere and anytime you want it.


  • You can refer to other websites without leaving Chrome.


  • You will be able to access Evernote easily and fast.


  • You can share your work with your client easily.


  • Your work syncs automatically to your google drive, meaning the most dreaded thing of losing your unsaved work on Microsoft Word will be a thing of the past.

5. Write! Write! Write.

There is a saying that goes; practice makes perfect.

Well, this applies to your writing.

So the more you write, the better you get.

Consistent writing will improve your writing speed and accuracy in the long run.

When starting, you might realize that your writing speed is plodding.

But with time, you will see changes.

Strive to write at least a thousand-word piece every single day.

Make writing part and parcel of you.

If you do not have any writing work, find something to read to improve your grammar, writing, and spelling.

6. Get enough sleep.

Too much work without good sleep will make you a dull writer, and you know what that means.

As a writer, enough sleep is vital because it helps your mind relax and ready for more writing.

When you get enough sleep, you will be active during your work time.

That means you will be able to concentrate when writing, and in the long run, you will be able to produce quality work in the shortest time possible.

Write ten times faster as a freelance writer.

To be productive as a freelance writer, you have to be disciplined, organized, and self-driven.

Plan your time and account for every minute.

In that case, you will be able to stay in shape (focus), make more money, and have lots of time to enjoy your hard-earned money.

Over to you, my writer friend.

What have you done to increase your writing speed without compromising your writing quality?

Let's discuss them in the comment section.

Charity is a freelance personal finance writer and blogger for hire. She specializes in personal finance, digital content writing and marketing, blog post writing, and intriguing history articles. She's written for major brands and blogs like The Penny Hoarder, Autonomous, Self-Publishing School, Penny Calling Penny, Inkwell Editorial, Freelancer FAQs, and more.


  1. Vincent Otieno
    June 21, 2019

    Such a great read. I enjoyed it.

  2. Charity Jerop
    June 22, 2019

    Vincent Otieno Thank you for taking the time to read it.

  3. Miracle Ogechukwu
    November 18, 2022

    I sure learned a lot. Thank you. But I have a question. I have been writing for almost a year now. However, I’m still not as creative and fast as I think I should be. My boss complains sometimes. What do I do to be better?

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