Content Writing Jobs: 27 Little-Known Websites that Pay (Up to $400/Article)

Content writing jobs 2022

Are you looking for content writing jobs to fill up your 2022? It can be pretty hard for beginner writers to secure that first writing job that pays. I’ve been there, and I understand how frustrating it can be to find freelance writing jobs that pay good money.

First, you don’t have the experience that many clients prefer when hiring freelance writers.

Second, you don’t have any writing samples or a solid portfolio to showcase.

Well, what if I told you a secret that there are websites that pay to write—even newbie writers?

That’s right! I’ll share 21 websites that pay up to $400 per article in this article—even if you don’t have any online writing experience.

Can I Make Money Writing?

The short answer is; you can make money writing online. And the most extended answer is that it takes hours of work, sweat, tears, and determination to get your first writing job.

And once you complete your first writing job, getting repeat work can be easy-peasy.

I’m a full-time freelance writer, and online writing is something legit that can sustain you financially.

Where Can I Write and Get Paid?

We’re all chasing the money. So if you’re looking for websites and blogs that pay to write or looking for ghostwriting job, you are in the right place.

These websites range from beginner-friendly to those best for pro writers. And the best part is that these writing gigs pay.

Let’s dive right in!

#1→Wings 4 U

Are you looking for a consistent remote writing job? Wings 4 U is looking for you, and this is an agency working with B2B businesses.

Currently, they are hiring a content writer to take upon remote work.

The application process is pretty straightforward, and you need to fill out a quick form and submit it. 

Wings 4 U doesn’t state their pay offer, but you can give them your hourly rates when filling up the writing job application form.


If you’re hunting for a consistent flow of writing jobs in 2022, Codeless is the best agency for you. And if you’ve been a freelance writer for a while, you’ve probably come across Codeless’s job post on Pro Blogger.

Codeless is a full-fledged content production agency working with big businesses in the industry.

And this means that it has account managers, editors, writers, SEO specialists, and much more.

How much money can you make writing for Codeless?

Codeless pays a starting rate of USD 0.10 per word for beginner writers. So, you can expect to earn a $100/1000-word article.


SocialFix is a boutique digital marketing agency focusing on web design, branding, and mobile apps.

This agency is hunting for various specialists, including SEO, email, and social media copywriters.

If you’re an aspiring freelance copywriter, you can toss your hat in the ring, and you might land consistent content writing jobs.

The best part is Social Fix is looking for writers worldwide.

#4→The content panel

The Content Panel is another best place to find content writing jobs this 2022.

TCP is more of a content marketplace. The difference is that you don’t have to bid for content writing jobs like other content writing marketplaces like Upwork.

The company connects to a client depending on the information on your The Content Panel profile.

But, there is a catch; you only earn money when the client accepts your work.

And that means, if a client doesn’t like your work, there is no pay. However, TCP claims that you’ll have a 97% success rate.

I had to join the platform to confirm this, haha.

How much money can you make writing for The Content Panel?

The Content Panel doesn’t list its pay rate. Also, having a PayPal is a must, and they pay through PayPal every Monday of the week. 

Content Writing Jobs
Content Writing Jobs

#5→Budget 101

Do you love writing about recipes, money, holidays, crafting, and anything between those topics? Budget 101 is looking for you.

This site is a resource for people looking to save money on groceries, pay debt and make money.

Budget 101 is looking for writers who can handle long-form content—2000+ words per article.

How much does Budget 101 pay to write?

Budget 101 pays $40 per two thousand word article. Notably, the rate will increase as you write more for this website.

#6→Article Insider

Do you like writing listicles—top ten lists? Article Insider is an excellent website to get your feet wet as a beginner freelance writer.

This website covers everything from entertainment, sports, health, people, traveling, nature, technology, entertainment to food, and everything in between.

The exciting news about Article Insider is that you don’t need any experience to write for this platform.

How much does Article Insider pay to write?

Article insider pays $10 per listicle. Although this is on the lowest side for writers, you will get an author by line.

And this means that you’ll have a writing portfolio to showcase when looking for other content writing jobs.

#7→The Urbanist

What if I told you that you—freelance writer=== could earn $200 per article on a freelance pilot program? That’s right! The Urbanist is looking for freelance writers to contribute content on transportation, politics, land use, and housing.

How much does The Urbanist pay to write?

The Urbanist is a non-governmental organization and will pay you $200 as a start-up rate, and there is room to negotiate for more.

#8→Mara Gates

Mara Gates reminds me that I once wrote destination articles for Travelista Club and got paid $40 (AUD) as a beginner.

Writing and publishing under my name helped me seamlessly secure other content writing jobs.

Mara Gates is for you if you are looking for a place to publish travel articles and get paid.

Mara Gates is looking for writers to contribute travel content and get paid to write.

This travel blog accepts unique and quality content that’s never been published anywhere on the internet.

How much does Mara Gates pay to write?

Mara gates pay a fixed rate through PayPal. The exact amount isn’t available on the website, but you can discuss the rate with the owners.

#9→Pretty Purple Door

Can you talk about landscaping and gardening all day, every day? Pretty Purple Door is looking for your incredible writing skills.

You can write content on gardening, gardening tips, DIY, plants, trees, and anything related to landscaping and gardening.

The best thing about writing for Pretty Purple Door is getting assignments from the website editor.

And you expect to work on at least three articles per month.

How much does the Pretty Purple Door pay to write?

Pretty Purple Door offers three cents(USD) per word, and you can expect to earn up to $150 per article.

The application process is pretty straightforward and ideal for writers worldwide.

#10→Wealthy Sounds

This one is for my music writers! If you love music, Wealthy Sounds has a writing offer for you.

Get paid to write about songwriting, production, marketing, royalties, and anything to do with songs and sounds.

How much do Wealthy Sounds pay to write?

Wealthy Sounds pay per word, and the rate is $.02/word. This translates to a $20 per thousand words article.

And the best part is that you get a byline to your work with Wealthy Sounds.

#11→Expat Den

Are you an ex-pat looking for writing jobs? Expat Den is looking for writers to cover topics like living, working, and starting a business abroad.

How much does Expat Den pay to write?

Expat Den pays according to your level of expertise. Notably, they pay through bank transfer.

#12→The Mysterious World

Here is another excellent opportunity for newbie writers to write listicles and get paid.

The Mysterious World is looking for writers to write about nature, travel, lifestyle, etc.

Typically, you will be writing listicles of ten items each.

How much does the Mysterious World pay to write listicles?

The Mysterious World will pay you $25-$50 per listicle, and if you produce quality articles consistently, you can join the Mysterious World editorial team.

#13→The Elephant

Are you searching for a home for your Op-Eds and topics like politics and culture? The Elephant is looking for writers like you.

Draft your winning pitch and send it over to the editors. The editors will review your ideas and get back to you if they are interested in commissioning your piece.

The editors can take up to ten days to reply to you.

How much does The Elephant pay to write?

According to The Elephant, you will have to negotiate your rate after pitch approval, and you can expect your payment within the first ten days.

#14→Fresh Water Fishing Advice

Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to write about fishing? Fresh Water Fishing Advice is hiring content writers to create fishing content.

Also, this can be an excellent writing gig if you have epic research skills and can create quality content.

How much does FWFA pay to write?

 Fresh Water Fishing advice pays a rate of $0.02/word. And they publish articles ranging from 2,0000 to 3,000 words.

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#15→Data Overhaulers

Here is an opportunity for content writers in the tech space. Also, if you are looking for tech content writing jobs, this is a great gig for you.

Data Overhaulers is a website that shares information about data security, privacy, emails, social media, mobile, texting, personal information, and much more.

They are currently hiring freelance writers to create content for the Data Overhaulers blog.

You need to commit to delivering at least one to two articles per month.

And this is also a great writing gi for newbies. You don’t need any content writing experience to write for Data Overhaulers.

How much can you earn writing articles for Data Overhaulers?

Data Overhaulers pays $0.04/word, and you can expect to work on articles ranging between 1500-1750 words.

#16→Movie Web

If you eat, sleep and breathe movies, here is an opportunity to write about movies and get paid.

Movie Web is looking for writers to write movie reviews, trailers, movie news, and anything in between.

How much does Movie Web pay to write?

Movie Web doesn’t specify the exact rate to write an article, but they pay for every article you write and publish on their blog. Also, you get author credits.


If you love writing content on education and books, Chronicle is spot on for you. Chronicle is looking for contributors to create content for their review and advice section.

You can review books, career-related topics, news, and much more.

How much does Chronicle pay to contribute content to their blog?

Chronicle doesn’t share the exact rate per article or essay, but you can expect a one-time payment for every piece you submit.

#18→Elite Personal Finance

Elite Personal Finance is another website you can get high-paying content writing jobs.

They are looking for finance writers to write on credit cards, business, personal finance, identity theft, loans, savings, and much more.

If the money space is your cup of forte—ahem, like me—this is your chance to get your work on one of the biggest personal finance websites.

How much does Elite Personal Finance pay to write?

Elite Personal Finance will pay you $300 per article. According to them, they spend a whopping $100,000 per year on guest posts alone.

#19→Constant Content

Constant Content is a marketplace full of content writing jobs. This agency links you up with people who need content.

You need to fill out and create your writing account to get your writing rolling. Whether you write blog articles, white papers, e-books, or press releases, this is an excellent website to get endless writing gigs to fill up your plate.

How much money can you earn with Constant Content?

Top-tier content writers at Constant Content earn at least $90,000 per year.

#20→Digital Ocean

Yet another one for tech writers! Digital Ocean is worth a shot if you are looking for tech writing jobs.

Typically, you can break down jargon tech words into simpler, easy-to-understand terms.

How much does Digital Ocean pay to write?

DigitalOcean will pay you $300 per article and up to $400 per in-depth content.

Also, you can earn between $75-$150 to update the existing content on their website.

#21→Copywriter Today

Are you looking for a writing agency to get started with? Copywriter Today is another agency with many content writing jobs for a suitable writer.

Once you join the team, you can expect to receive consistent articles to deliver every week.

How much can you earn writing for Copywriter Today?

On average, you can earn between $300-$800 per week, depending on your efforts.


This writing opportunity is for fashion, skincare & beauty, maternity, living & home: food & diet, and finance writers.

LadyQs will pay you to write product reviews, articles, opinions, how-to guides, and much more—typically, the content should be relevant to women.

How much does LadyQs pay to write?

LadyQs pays $50/article with an opportunity for higher pay for longer pieces.

#23→List Verse

If you love writing about weird stuff, mysteries, creepy, and anything bizarre, List Verse will pay you to create listicles around those topics.

Fun fact; I once wrote top ten haunted castles in the UK, haha.

How much does List Verse pay to write?

List Verse offers a flat rate of $100 per listicle.

#24→Cheap Undies

Here is another gig for fashion writers. If undies are your specialty area, you can check out Cheap Undies for excellent writing jobs.

To write for CU, you need to send in your pitch, and if approved, you can write, submit, and get paid.

How much does Cheap Undies pay to write?

Cheap Undies pays $75-$100 per article, and words range from 700 to 1,000. And you get your earnings through PayPal.

#25→Fix the Photo

Are you a photographer at heart and want to get paid to share your photography knowledge? Write for Fix the Photo.

Get paid to write on photoshop, lightroom, videos, photo editing, and anything related to photography.

How much does Fix the Photo pay per article?

You will get $50 per article.


Get paid to write on Physical Therapy.

PTProgress will pay you $60 to share health-related content.


Are you an aspiring or proficient SEO guru? Here is your chance to get paid $$ to write about digital marketing, SEO, social media, and small business.

How much doe RankPay pay to write?

RankPay pays a flat rate of $50 per blog post you submit.

Easy way to get content writing jobs for beginners

Woah! Those are a ton of content writing jobs, my friend! Hopefully, you grab one of those and jump-start your online writing career.

Remember, confidence is key to succeeding and opening more doors in your writing career.

That’s a wrap for now.

Do you have recommendations, experience, or a comment to share? Let’s catch up in the comments section.


Charity is a freelance personal finance writer and blogger for hire. She specializes in personal finance, digital content writing and marketing, blog post writing, and intriguing history articles. She's written for major brands and blogs like The Penny Hoarder, Autonomous, Self-Publishing School, Penny Calling Penny, Inkwell Editorial, Freelancer FAQs, and more.


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