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Elna Cain

As the owner of FreelancerFAQs, I'm always looking for qualified writers to contribute their best freelance tips. Charity shared her knowledge, experience and helpful advice by providing easy-to-read blog posts that were engaging, formatted well and highly informative. You can feel confident Charity will go above and beyond for your content needs.

Elna Cain-Freelancer FAQs


Elna Cain-Freelancer FAQs

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

What is Freelance Writing (and How do I Get Started as a Freelance Writer?)

Posted in Freelance writing, Freelancing
Comments 10 Comments
What is freelance writing and how do I get started as a freelance writer?

Aha! You are wondering what freelance writing is or freelancing in general? You’ve probably heard people say they earn income working at home as freelance writers and you want to give it a shot. But, you are not sure what the heck is freelance writing. Don’t worry because you are in safe hands. I’m...

Posted on Sep 02, 2019

Freelance Writing Jobs: Ways to Find Writing Jobs In 2019(Definitive Guide)

Posted in Freelance writing, Freelancing
Comments 18 Comments
Freelance writing jobs. How to find high paying writing jobs in 2019(definitive guide)

Let me guess; you are a newbie freelance writer, you want to scale your writing business. But one thing is holding you back-you are not getting high paying clients. Finding writing jobs that pay as a beginner is hard. You feel sad and want to close your writing business and quit freelance writing altogether....

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