Hey! Are you looking for a content writer? Want us to work together?

Are you a blogger currently facing writer block?

Are you looking for a blogger to help you with your content needs so you can focus on your main business?

I got you covered.

I will write quality, engaging and unique blog posts that will turn your audience into raving fans. They will simply keep coming back to your blog for more.

Are you a business person looking for a writer to help describe your product/service in a creative way?

My creative writing skills will describe your product/service in a way that resonates with your audience. My creative Juices will convince your buyers effortlessly.

Why Hire My Writing Services?

  • My work is backed up by thorough research giving your readers actionable and insightful content.


  • I use my industry expertise plus creativity to create quality and unique content.



  • I'm flexible in handling projects in various industries.


  • I love working with new people and solving new challenges.


  • Oh! and I can assure you that no one writes better than me at an affordable rate.


My Certifications In Regard To Content Writing and Marketing

I have taken the following online courses offered by reputable companies to gain more knowledge in my industry of expertise.

  1. I have taken and completed a digital marketing course offered by Google through Google Garage
  2. Also, I'm currently taking a course on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) offered by SEO Institute



I have Awesome Clients who have this to say about my work;

"Charity is one of our top contributors on List Gecko. She has consistently delivered quality, easy to read and highly engaging articles that our readers love to read."

Gideon- List Gecko

Hit me up through my email and ask me about anything relating to your content needs and I will gladly help-charity@charityjerop.com


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