Hey! I'm Charity, the content writer.

Do you want to work with me?

I'm your freelance writer!

Are you a blogger currently facing writer block? Or have more work and need a writer to help you?

Do you need a freelance blogger to help you with your content needs so you can focus on your primary business?

I can help you!

I will write quality, engaging, and unique blog posts that will turn your audience into raving fans. They will simply keep coming back to your blog for more.

Are you a business person looking for a writer to help creatively describe your product/service?

My creative writing skills will describe your product/service in a way that resonates with your audience. My Creative Juices will convince your buyers effortlessly.

Why Work With Me?

  • My work is backed up by thorough research giving your readers actionable and insightful content.
  • I use my industry expertise plus creativity to create quality and unique content.
  • I know how to run and manage a WordPress site. I manage my website.
  • I'm flexible in handling projects in various industries.
  • I love working with new people and solving new challenges.
  • Oh! and I can assure you that no one writes better than me at an affordable rate.

What can my writing do to your business?

  • Your business will rank better in the search results and establishes you as an authority in your field.
  • It will help your business get more organic traffic that converts.
  • You will have user-friendly content that provides value to your readers.


Who do I serve?

I help bloggers, small business owners, and digital marketing agencies create quality content.


My Certifications Regarding Content Writing and Marketing

I have taken the following online courses offered by reputable companies to gain more knowledge in my industry of expertise.

  1. I have taken and completed a digital marketing course offered by Google through Google Garage
  2. Also, I'm currently taking a class on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) offered by SEO Institute

I have Awesome Clients who have this to say about my work;

"Charity is one of our top contributors on List Gecko. She has consistently delivered quality, easy to read, and highly engaging articles that our readers love to read."

Gideon- List Gecko

"Charity is an excellent writer who can tackle new subjects and do the necessary research to create quality content. She excels at writing material that is compelling and interesting for the reader. I highly recommend her."

Sayali Rathod—Unbelievable Facts

"Working with Charity has been a dream come true for our small business. She has exceeded all our expectations, with high-quality content, fast turnaround times, and super responsive communication. She takes the time to research our clients' unique industries so that she writes intelligently and coherently on whatever subject matter we ask. She is thorough, honest, and hard-working, and we are so thankful to work with her, as she has been essential to our business growth"

Keren de Zwart—Always on Top Marketing Solutions.

Hit me up through my email and ask me about anything relating to your content needs and I will gladly help-charity@charityjerop.com


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